Discover your symbols


When you're just beginning to explore your creative self, you might find that everything is exciting and interesting. Landscapes, portraits, abstracts, illustration! You want to try it all! And you should. There is no rule that says you have to choose to make only one kind of art.

Eventually, there is a question that almost always seems to come up. "How do I find my style?"  Nearly every artist will have different approach to answering that question. Here's where I think you should start.

Look for you own symbols. You are a unique individual and have collected experiences throughout your life to sift through. There will be patterns. There will be common threads that weave through it all. Shapes and lines that show up over and over.

Look around your house. Look at the patterns on the clothes you choose to wear. What shapes do you prefer? Do you like curvy lines or geometric patterns? What always seems to catch your eye? Natural materials, interesting textures, circles, vintage paper?  Do you love leaf shapes? Hearts? Feathers? Spirals, shells, or trees? Make a list and keep adding to it. You'll start to notice common themes. Let them be clues. Let them lead you. Your "style" will follow.