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A painting is never finished - it simply stops in interesting places.
— Paul Gardener

 Explorations in Paint

You can find my newest collections here. Click on an image for details. Please check my Shop for current prices and availability.


Fancy Flowers Collection


Earth Song Collection


 Can You Imagine? Collection


 Collage… Paint and Paper and Glue, Oh my!

Collage is a way to slow down, try out new ideas, and express thoughts and emotions. It’s a playful way to explore color, texture, and composition. Collage is mixed media in the truest sense. It’s also a delightful way to use up all that pretty paper I can’t stop collecting!


Jump Start Art Journals


Perfectly Imperfect, Partially Painted, Pages of Possibility!

Little books with hand painted covers. Some blank and some with a few painted pages mixed in. A place to paint, doodle, draw and dream!


 Prints, Cards, and Reproductions

Small versions of some of my artwork. Mounted prints on wood, greeting cards, and creatively cropped prints. See my shop for availability.


Jump Start Art Papers

Every piece of art I make begins with a colorful background. They can be printed and used to begin something new over and over again! You can use them too! See my shop for downloadable versions of many of these backgrounds.


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